Father's house awanas

F.H.C is grateful to be a part of this biblically based program!  AWANAS is a scripture memorization program for children ages 2-11.  AWANAS is currently led by Pastors Ricky and Ali Hester.    AWANAS meets each Wednesday nights during the school year.  At FHC, AWANAS usually begins the first Wednesday in September and ends the first Wednesday in May.  AWANAS takes off the same holiday weeks as the conventional school year including, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Spring Break. 

Children who attend AWANAS work with parents and teachers to memorize scripture in a fun and exciting way.  Biblical principles are taught with each verse each week, helping children better understand the Word of God. 

Children who attend AWANAS have the opportunity to receive prizes and badges to commemorate their progress.  At the end of the AWANA year, FHC hosts an AWANAS graduation. Family and friends are invited to celebrate the growth and progress of each child.  AWANAS shows the fruit of learning and living God's Word. 

Parents are encouraged to bring children to AWANAS and come join the Adult Bible study and prayer time. 

Each AWANAS teacher, volunteer, and employee has been background checked for the safety of our children and to put our parent's minds at ease.