Mission Statement:

TO LIVE: It is the mission of Fathers House Church to be a living and active body of believers that live in accordance to the word of God in the bond of peace.  Making every effort to continue in the likeness and fellowship as those from the early church represented in Acts Chapter 2.


TO LOVE: It is the mission of Fathers House Church to love each other as we would ourselves.  To show the love of Jesus Christ as an ensample of whom He is in us.  Our mission is to operate in Love in all of our affairs, to love our neighbors, to love the stranger, to love those of all backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, the widows and the orphans; and above all else Love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.


TO SERVE: It is the mission of Fathers House Church to serve God fervently in our local community of Jones Creek in addition to the Southern Brazoria County area.  Our service mission is to strive for unity in our community and within the Body of Christ. We strive to serve as indicated by early believers in Acts Chapter 2.  We also strive to serve domestic and foreign missions and missionaries to influence the advancement of the Gospel of Christ here at home and abroad to all those who do not know Him.  Lastly our mission is to stay ever prayerful seeking Christ and staying constant in the word of God until the day of the Lord’s return.