Sunday Mornings at FHC are dedicated to Giving God Glory!  Sunday is our corporate time of worship and engaging in God's Word.  There is a family atmosphere that makes all who attend welcome and comfortable.  FHC allows the visitor feel at home and the church family the liberty to praise, worship, and lift up the name of Jesus in a manner in which you feel comfortable.  However, don't be surprised if you see hands raised or clapping, tears of joy or repentance, shouts of excitement and praise, dancing, jumping or solemn reflection.  It is all welcomed at FHC. 

Each Sunday begins with Praise and Worship by the FHC worship team currently led by Pastor Nathan Nita, see more about him at the FHC staff page.  Pastor Nate has a huge heart for worship and leads vibrant and charismatic worship songs that usher the church family into worship of the One True God.  FHC worship teams leads a variety of contemporary Christian songs, gospel songs, and traditional hymns.  FHC believes in music that exalts the name of Jesus and the Sovereignty of our God and we love to mix styles and genres to minister the Holy Spirit to the many different backgrounds in our church family. 

And of course, what would Sunday service be without the preaching of God's Word?!  Each week, Pastor Edward Bess or an appointee will lead the church family as we become more acquainted with God's Word.  Each Sunday sermon is meant to engage the nonbeliever or those who are wavering in the faith, in addition to challenging the seasoned believer and giving direction and understanding. 

It is at Sunday Service when the sacraments are observed including baptism and communion.  We also make sure to have fellowship meals on specific Sundays to help unite the body.  Sunday Service is also a great time to engage in prayer.  Corporate prayer begins at 9:30AM led by Pastor Gary Baldridge. See more about him on the FHC Staff page.  FHKidz provides a great learning environment for children ages 2-11.  This gives our parents a great opportunity to truly engage the Word of God and apply it to their lives.  All FHC childcare workers are background checked for the safety of our children and to ensure our parent's minds are at ease.

 Come visit FHC and see what God is doing in Jones Creek, TX!